Who is Guyanatourist.com?

What we do for you!

If you want to get the best of Guyana, you will need to have a good plan. This is our job and we have put in years of experience in collecting some of the best and most authentic experiences in the country. We believe in high quality guides and knowledgeable tour leaders to bring you around in a safe and professional manner. We make sure that everything is arranged for you to arrive so you will get as much time to enjoy, be inspired and experience this wonderful country.

Our mission is to

We want to create the best possible way of visiting Guyana and make sure that tourism will have a positive impact on the people of the country. This balance between local benefits and travellers experiences makes Guyana one of the best eco nations to visit in South America. Tourism creates local jobs, high value for living forests, education and the untouched nature and hospitable culture delivers some of the most intense experiences the continent has to offer.

Who we are

Guyanatourist.com is a daughter project of Untamed Adventures inc. You can see much more about the owners and tour leaders of the company on following link: Untamed Adventures inc.

Guyana cannot be experienced in one vacation, but with Guyana Tourist as a partner you are ensured that there will be focus on the highly valuable experiences! We do not necessarily use the same places as everybody else neither are our itineraries generic ones that you will find identical on other sides because everything is developed and tested by us and our tour leaders. And we take pride in discovering and developing new and hidden tourist destinations where fewer people go.

We hope that our work combined with our many colleagues nationwide will help Guyana to a bright and progressive future in tourism. Guyana deserves the benefits and mostly all the people of Guyana deserves to have a choice and use their nature and culture for tourism.