General knowledge

  • Full name: Co-operative Republic of Guyana
  • Area: Total: 214,969 sq. km (82,978 sq. miles)
  • Land: 196,850 sq. km (76,004 sq. miles)
  • Water: 18,120 sq. km (6996 sq. miles)
  • Population: 769,095 (July 2007)

Guyana is the only English speaking country on the south American continent. Guyana is a former British colony – they got their independence in 1966. Georgetown is the capital of Guyana. Guyana is divided in to 10 regions, we operate mostly in region #9. Guyana has 9 remaining Amerindian tribes – Macushi, Wapishana, Wai Wai, Arekuna, Arawak, Warrau, Patamona, Carib and Akawaio. The currency is Guyana Dollars (1 US$ = 200 GYD).

Guyana is home to the worlds largest single drop waterfall, Kaieteur, with a drop of 226 meters. The population of Guyana consist of 43,5% East Indian origin, 31,2 African origin, 16,7 multiracial, 9,2% Amerindians and 0,46% other origin (mostly Chinese, Portuguese and British). 90% of the population lives by the coast. The population density is less than four inhabitants per square kilometer (10,4/Sq mil.). Guyana means “land of many waters”. The country has more than 1500 navigable rivers. Guyana is also known as “land of giants”, because you can find most of the continents giants here, including the Black Caiman, the Giant Ant Eater, the Giant River Otter, the Black Piranha, the Anaconda, the Harpy Eagle, the Jaguar and the Bullet Ant.  It is home to 4 of the worlds 8 seaturtles

  • National flower: Victoria Amazonica Lily, the worlds largest water lily
  • National animal: Jaguar
  • National Motto: One people, one nation, one destiny
  • Time zone: GMT -4 hours