Books about Guyana

John Gimlett, The Wild Coast

John Gimlett wrote a book about his travelling in Guyana, Suriname and French Guyana and from the amount of the book Guyana takes up, is it clear to see that this country got his attention! Many of the characters that he describes are still around and you are likely to run in to a couple of them when travelling around in the country. The book gives you a colorful story of the present and past and some of the many happenings that all made Guyana what it is today.


Stan Broks, All cowboys are Indians

Stan Broks is if not the most famous then one of them when it comes to the Rupununi. He started his career as a Vaquero on the South Rupununi Savannah and ended it is as a tv-presenter and Hollywood star. He has as well created RAM(Remote area medical), which still operates in Guyanas interior regions. This book will take you back to the traditional ranching and tell a colorful story of the life on Rupununi Savannah before it got connected to the rest of the world.




XXXX, The sly company of people who cares

This book tells an intense story of a Indian born cricket journalist that settles down in Guyana in search of a meaning with life. He travels around Guyana with some very unique characters and his analyses of Guyana are both sharp and a mix of his personal experiences and historical events that would shape the future of Guyana.


Pauline Melville, A ventriloquist tale

This award winning book takes place in the initial days of ranching in the Rupununi, Guyana where we follow a young Amerindian girl and her intense love story. We will meet the real characters that both brought Christianity to the region but as well face the fact of how much life has changed.