Jungle trip

Jungle trip and Tours in Guyana

Our most important job is to help you to gain life time experiences and we are sure that Guyana can supply some of the most spectacular of it’s kind. Wildlife spotting, birding, nature and culture are all available here. All guides and tour leaders are English speaking and all of them are ready to ensure you get what you are looking for. All are specially selected for their knowledge about hospitality and their skills when dealing with people in nature.

We make simple but meaningful itineraries when visiting Guyana. We believe that most of the time should be spend enjoying your stay and having experiences. We do not rush around from place to place, but would rather stay several days at one place to get the full experience. It is important that you feel the place rather than only just see it, this is why many of our tours have at least 2 days at one location since you otherwise will be driving around constantly.

Almost everybody can participate in our tours at Guyana Tourist and most of the itineraries are flexible, this means they can be upgraded and supplemented by additional services if needed.

We can always make a Skype consultation and lead you through the different experiences to make sure you choose the one that reflects you the best.

All of our tours are made as packages that be combined so if you are staying longer then let’s combine some experiences and give you a good price on a package. We as well give good price reductions when groups travel since we can bring down many of our costs and this directly reflects the price we give to you.

You want it to be more active? Check out our mother website Untamed Adventures. We specialize in trekking, survival and expeditions to some of the most remote areas of rainforest in South America.