North Rupununi

If you want to see different areas of the North Rupununi, this tour is something for you.

We will meet up in Annai by the Airstrip and start the tour by taking you to the famous Surama Eco lodge. Here we will have focus on wildlife, trees and plants while we will enjoy the comfortable and charming lodge at the edge of the forest. We will take you for walks in to the forest in day time and exciting river trips at nighttime.

Prices starting from: 2500 US$ pr. person – minimum 2 participants
Duration:6 Nights, 7 Days
Accomodation: ?
Difficulty: ?

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Expedition description

At Spring Valley we will have focus on the Savannah-living which has been the primary settings of the Amerindians for decades. We will visit the Jones family farm laying in walking distance from the hotel. Much time has been spent on this small paradise at the foot of the mountain and the family live from their crops grown and produced at the place. After a round tour of the place we will engage in a cooking class with the wife Betty. We will make a traditional local dish and taste some of the different drinks made from fermented fruits in the area.

No Savannah experience without trying to ride over the Savannah. Like all true Vaqueros(South American cowboys) we will take the local horses for a ride over the Savannah to the mighty Rupununi River. We will sail in dugout canoe and fish for piranhas which we can roast for lunch.

We will end the tour in the capitol of the Rupununi, Lethem! This might seem like a small dusty town, but this place has a very important place in the history of the Rupununi. Its location makes it ideal for a short visit to Brazil or simply just enjoy the charming place. From here we will go to Kumu Falls in the Kanuku Mountain range and bathe and enjoy ourselves in the cool refreshing water.


Day 1: Arrival Annai - Pick up to go to Surama - Afternoon walk in the forest

The taxi will collect you by your hotel in Georgetown and drive you to Ogle airport. With plane you are flying to Annai Airstrip to meet up with the guides. With the guides you will travel the last part of journey by vehicle towards Surama and upon arrival we will eat our lunch at the lodge. After settling in we will leave for the forest to experience this magnificent eco system for the first time. We will talk about plants and how they each play a vital role in this system, we will as well have focus on some of the many plants that traditionally has been used by the Amerindians in their everyday life in the forest. There is a good chance of spotting macaws and monkeys in the afternoon and at night we will eat and relax by the lodge.

Day 2: Surama Mountain - Relaxation by lodge - Night spotting

Before first light we will be brought to the foot of Surama Mountain. The last part of the trip is done by foot where we follow the little trail up the mountain. Many animals move around in the early hours in the cool air, we do the same. At the top we will reach a view point where we will sit down and have our breakfast looking over the rainforest. Once down we will be brought back to the lodge and there will be time to relax in the hammock in the hot hours of the day. In the late afternoon will we once again get ready for more adventure when we start to prepare for our night on the river. After dinner we walk towards the Burro Burro River and get in the boats. We will follow the river downstream and with powerful head torches try to shine some of the many animals living their life at night. Caimans, snakes and mammals are all more active in these hours and there will be a good chance of spotting some along the river. We will use some hours on the river and when we get back be picked up by vehicle to go back and get a good night sleep at the lodge.

Day 3: Transport Annai - Visit Jones family farm - Cooking class

After breakfast we will drive back to Annai area. We will check in at the hotel and eat our lunch before meeting up with the Jones Family. They will take us to their nearby farm called Spring Valley. This place has been developed for years and we will enjoy the good company of the father of the family showing us around their crops, their aspiring tourism facilities and the life on the Rupununi Savannah. Early in the afternoon we will start the cooking class which Betty the mother of the Family. We will use local vegetables and ingredients and create a local dish. We will eat it with the family at the farm and when done walk back to our nearby hotel.

Day 4: Horseback riding - Dugout canoe on the Rupununi River - Fishing for piranhas - Lunch by the riverside - Riding back to Annai

Early in the morning are we setting of on horseback to ride over the savannah to reach the Rupununi river. If lucky we will spot some of the Giant ant eaters on the way home from their nightly hunt.  When arriving at the river we will leave the horses and go in to a traditional dugout canoe to start sailing down the mighty Rupununi river. We will find a sand bank and go on land. Here there will be time to bathe and relax before starting to fish for some of the many species of piranhas that realms the river. If we catch some, we will roast them and eat them for lunch at the river bank. In the early afternoon will we once again sail up stream to reach the landing. Once again will we mount our horses and ride back towards Annai for a good dinner and relaxation at the hotel.

Day 5: Transport Lethem - Relax by hotel - Walk around Lethem to see the area/Visit Brazil

When breakfast is settled we will leave to go to the famous town of Lethem by the Brazilian border. We will arrive around lunch and get installed at one of the hotels in the little town. The rest of the day can be spent walking around Lethem and looking in stores or simply enjoy yourself with a cold beer in the shade. You can go to Brazil unaccompanied by taxi, but remember to come back before the border closes at six in the afternoon.

Day 6: Kumu Falls - Relax by the falls - Eat lunch at the foot of the Kanuku Mountains

We will just before midday by vehicle leave to go to Kumu falls at the foot of the Kanuku Mountains. These falls are the perfect retreat from the heat of the savannah and the cold water streaming down can be enjoyed in one of the many pools around. We will make sure there will be snacks, soft drinks and a light lunch to make the best out of the day. In the early afternoon will we once again set of back to Lethem to enjoy one last night in town.

Day 7: Departure Lethem - Tour ends

After breakfast it is time to go to the airstrip where you once again will fly to Georgetown to end your trip or continue to your next destination.


  • Experiencing the Rupununi
  • Encounter Iwokrama Rainforest
  • Horseback riding on the savannah
  • Great cultural experience
  • Wildlife spotting Burro Burro River
  • Bathing in Kumu falls
  • Surama Eco lodge

What to expect of Rupununi round tour?

This tour offers a great variety of experiences and is the best chance to “Experience some of it all”. From the Dense and humid rainforest to the open savannah this tour will take you comfortably around between locations and is perfect for couples and families in all ages.

What does it physically demand?

This tour has a low level of physical activities, but it does include forest walks with small backpacks, getting in and out of boats. It can be done in all ages as long as the individuals are capable of moving around by own means.

Facts about the Rupununi

Rupununi is a region and a river in the southern part of Guyana. The area is known for its large biodiversity and tribes living scattered over the savannah and in some cases at the edge of the Rainforest. Much of these vast uninhabited areas can be described as intact and this means the natural experience is without comparison. The tribes living here is all English speaking combined with their indigenous language and will greet you welcome in to their life.


  • 7 Days / 6 Nights
  • 15 meals according to program
  • Flights (Georgetown – Annai / Lethem – Georgetown)
  • All activities as mentioned in program
  • All transportation as mentioned in program
  • Local guides
  • Village fee
  • Entrance fee

Not included

  • Alcohol
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Excess weight on national planes (included 12,5 kg / 25 pounds)
  • Going to Brazil
  • Any visa demands or fees going to Brazil
  • Souvenirs
  • Anything not mentioned in program