Saddle mountain

Take a trip to the south Rupununi Savannah and experience the traditional life on a ranch.

This specific ranch has one of the most beautiful locations and most hospitable families in the whole of the Rupununi. Placed between small mountains, savannah and jungle Saddle Mountain Ranch is the perfect place to experience a functional ranch in the Rupununi.

Prices starting from: 2500 US$ pr. person – min 2 participants
Duration: 4 Nights, 5 Days
Accomodation: ?
Difficulty: ?

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Expedition description

The whole area around is ideal for fantastic horseback riding accompanied by the local vaquero who will take you out for many different activities. Spotting for giant ant eaters, birds, herding cattle or simply just to gallop over the endless savannah. The place has it all and you participate in all aspects. In seasons it is a possibility to see the young cattle be lassoed in the coral and see how they still are being branded to protect against thieving and mixing up with other ranches cattle around.

This place can be enjoyed by all types of people, but is of its nature active when riding is included. You do not need to be an expert rider and the speed will be suited for any type of rider.


Day 1: Fly from Georgetown - Arriving Lethem - Transport saddle Mountain - Afternoon riding

A taxi will pick you up by your hotel in Georgetown and drive you to Ogle airport. From here the plane will carry you across Guyana to the little border town near Brazil. Our staff will great you and we will drive towards the ranch. After arrival it is time for a late lunch and catch our breath after the long journey. In the early afternoon it is time to meet the horses at the place and saddle up for our first ride. We will ride around Saddle Mountain and get a feeling of the horses and the traditional saddles used in this part of the world. Before dark we will arrive back at the ranch for a good solid dinner made by the mother living at the place.

Day 2: Early spotting for Giant ant eaters - Relax by creek - Sunset over the savannah

Before first light we will be saddling up and ride out on the Savannah. The aim is to spot some of the many Giant ant eaters living around on the Savannah. One of the best ways to get up close is on horses since the Ant eaters seem to be less frightened of them. If we spot some we will get up close and get pictures before heading back to eat our breakfast. During the hot hours of the day you can relax in a hammock by the place or come with us down to the creek running next to the ranch. The water is clear and it is possible to bathe or dive down with snorkel and mask to see the fishes living below the surface. In the early afternoon there are two opportunities. One is to climb the small Saddle Mountain and watch the spectacular sunset over the savannah or ride out on horses to see it on one of the many small hills around.

Day 3: Herding cattle - Throwing lasso - Bull whip - Relaxing by the ranch

After breakfast we will once again get in the saddle. We will ride out and help the Vaquero to find animals and heard them back to the ranch. This is an important tool in keeping the cattle close to the ranch since fencing is limited to the paddock around the house. After lunch we will get a chance to try out the traditional tools, lasso and bullwhip. We will throw the lasso and get instructed in the technique necessary to catch the animals in the coral, the same counts for the bullwhip that is used to heard the animals. The rest of the day will be with optional activities such as bathing or relaxing or saddle up and ride out on the savannah to get more out of the spectacular riding around the ranch.

Day 4: Working cattle in Coral (in season) / Long ride to Shiriri Mountain - Last night at ranch

Depending if there is cattle to be branded or not, today we will either work in the coral where you can see how the lasso works and how they brand their cattle at the place. This is an exciting activity full of raw power and adrenaline. If you are up for it you are welcome in the coral at own responsibility and help out wit this epic experience. If there is no cattle we will instead saddle up for our longest ride. This will take us some 20 miles to a mountain called Shiriri. It does not get much more beautiful than this, but beware this will test your thickness of the skin on your butt and definitely enhance your riding skills. As it is the last night we will enjoy local rum in the kitchen and a great last dinner made by the mother of the ranch.

Day 5: Leaving for Lethem - Flying from Lethem - Tour ends

After an early breakfast we will by vehicle set off for Lethem once again. From here you will take a plane to Georgetown and by taxi go to your hotel. From here the tour ends.


  • One of South Americas best riding experiences
  • Traditional ranching in the Rupununi
  • Authentic Experience
  • Good wildlife opportunities
  • Beautiful nature
  • Learn about the Vaquero life
  • Excellent food made from organic sources
  • All type of riders can participate

What to expect of a stay at Saddle Mountain Ranch?

You can expect to visit a hospitable and charming family living a traditional lifestyle on the South Rupununi Savannah. Laying remotely placed between small mountains this spot is one of the most beautiful places in the country. Their horses are of the local Creole breed and are excellent riding horses trained for tourism and it is possible to choose from easy and stabile horses to more potent and fast horses used to herd the cattle. We will guarantee all riding and nature lovers a truly unique and authentic experience at this place.

What does it physically demand?

You do not need to have prior riding experience, but you need to be able to get up on the horse and endure riding. We have a limited number of horses available to take weights exceeding 90kg or 200LBS.

Facts about Saddle Mountain Ranch

Placed in driving distance from Lethem Saddle Mountain is the best place to experience tourism and ranching in Guyana. The ranch is built by the Family living there and the land belonged prior to Dadanawa ranch which was once the biggest ranch in the world.


  • 5 Days / 4 Nights
  • 13 Meals
  • All activities according to program
  • All transportation according to program
  • Flight (Georgetown – Lethem return)
  • Guides under activities
  • Village fee

Not included

  • Alcohol
  • Personal travel insurance
  • Excess weight on national planes (included 12,5 kg / 25 pounds)
  • Souvenirs
  • Anything not mentioned in program